Alex, Commander Verhoeven Trilogy. New project for Louis Leterrier

All recent projects for Louis Leterrier are different. After having directed a commercial featuring the gorgeous Gal Gadot and also directed a new kind of short dedicated to mobiles (Tycoon), Louis is now officially attached – still being written – to the novel adaptation Alex.

Second book of the Lemaitre trilogy, also known as the Commander Camille Verhoeven trilogy – and its follow-up Camille, the novel follows French detective Camille Verhoeven investigating on a kidnapping – in the streets of Paris – of the young woman: Alex Prévost.

What the Commander doesn’t know is that besides her beauty, Alex is no ordinary victim…

Louis has also told few words to Deadline:

I’ve done big Hollywood action movies and comedies and this was not a genre I was looking for, but the tone is so interesting and it plays against the typical female protagonist trope. It could be the French Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but is also reminiscent of Chan-wook Park movies like Oldboy in the unexpected twists and turns.

Movie will be produced by Eclipse Pictures, but shouldn’t have a shooting date announced before end of year.


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