Before becoming main director, Louis Leterrier started his carrier in the cinema, assisting director Jean-Pierre Jeunet on the shooting of “Alien Resurrection” (1997).

After that, he collaborated with Luc Besson in the direction of commercials, as well with Alain Chabat, as second director assistant on the shooting of “Asterix et Obelix : Mission Cleopatre” (2001) while being an extra.

In 2002, Louis Leterrier switched to direction and cosigned, with the director Corey Yuen, “Transporter”, an action movie with Jason Statham. Then he directed Jet Li in “Unleashed” (2004), and has been entrusted the direction of the second part of “Transporter”.

In 2008, he directed his first American blockbuster: “The Incredible Hulk”, with Edward Norton as Hulk, formerly played in 2003 by Eric Bana in Ang Lee’s “Hulk” (2003).

In 2010, Hollywood having appreciated his work, proposed him to remake “Clash of the Titans” (1981) for a release scheduled this same year and with a controversal post-production 3D conversion (imposed by the studios).

Though he directed the first episode, Louis will only be the executive producer of “Wrath of the Titans”, sequel of his own movie, allowing him to focus on the preparing of “Now You See Me”, original thriller, where magicians who hold up banks during their shows will be hunt down by the FBI.

After being a hit at Box Office, Louis Leterrier directed the spy spoof “The Brothers Grimsby”, featuring Saha Baron Cohen but only few information were released before promotion.

 Initially scheduled for 2015, the movie was set to be finally released beginning of 2016, giving the director more time to work on the editing of this spy spoof reuniting a prestigious cast (Mark Strong, Penelope Cruz, Rebel Wilson…).

Louis Leterrier is now attached to adapt on big screen, Joe Hill’s new novel : The Fireman.